Water-soluble BVOH 3D Filament

A water-soluble support filament for 3D printing which has a fast dissolution rate and leaves no trace of itself on the model. It allows the production of complex models and moving mechanisms.

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Water-soluble BVOH 3D Filament

Z-SUPPORT Premium is a BVOH support structure dedicated for Zortrax Inventure. It quickly dissolves in water and can be used in 3D printing in various temperatures making it compatible with a wide range of 3D printing filaments (Z-PLA, Z-PETG, Z-SEMIFLEX and Z-ULTRAT Plus). The material can be used to stack multiple batches of models one on top of the other to speed up short-series production.

Main Features:

  • Fast dissolution rate
  • Wide range of applications
  • Water soluble


Water-soluble support for:
  • High and low temperature 3D printing with ABS-based Z-ULTRAT Plus
  • Hollow parts
  • Complex models
  • Movable mechanisms
  • Objects 3D printed in one piece
  • Short-series production

Protect from water, moisture and direct sunlight.
Store in a dry room, in closed and air-tight packaging with desiccant when not in use.

Store at ambient temperatures. Avoid all sources of ignition.

Drying recommendations to ensure printability: 60 °C in a hot air dryer or vacuum oven for 4 to 16 hours.

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