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Z-HIPS Z-HIPS for Zortrax M300

High Impact Polystyren that represents a great level of resistance to impact and solvents which makes if perfect for various casings and functional prototypes utilized in industrial environments. Z-HIPS shows its advantages especially when it comes to large prints that can be 3D printed without the risk of warping or delaminating due to the reduced shrinkage.

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Key specifications:
  • Type: Spool
  • Technology: LPD
  • Support material structure: Printed with the same material, mechanically removed
  • Hardware requirements: No
  • Surface: Mat
  • Hardness: Low
  • Elasticity: Medium
  • Impact strength: High
  • Tensile strength: High
  • Shrinkage: Very low
  • Mechanical treatment: Yes
  • Chemical treatment (acetone): No
  • Resistance to: Solvents
  • Weight: 2000 g (4.41 lb) net. wt. (+/- 5%)
  • Models with large, flat surfaces
  • Architecture mockups
  • Casing elements for testing
  • Prototypes of mechanical parts
  • Prototypes of consumer products
  • Parts requiring resistance to acetone and solvents

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