Zortrax Full Metal Package 17-4 PH


Zortrax Full Metal Package 17-4 PH

Print metal parts in a safe, easy, and cost-effective way

A comprehensive kit containing all the items necessary when 3D printing with BASF Ultrafuse® 17-4 PH metal-polymer filament.

Lead time: up to 60 days

  • Container: Package
  • Spool of metal material net weight: 1000 g ± 5%
  • Spool of support material net weight: 300 g ± 5%
  • Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Dedicated for:
669.00 USD


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Shipping weight: 2.70kg


Zortrax Full Metal Package 17-4 PH is a specially prepared, industrial kit compatible with the LPD Plus Zortrax Endureal 3D printer. It allows to produce metal parts in a safe, easy, and cost-effective way in comparison with Metal Injection Molding or metal machining. Printed parts have up to 1004 MPa tensile strength, 764 MPa yield strength, up to 4% elongation at break, and have martensitic (magnetic) microstructure. 

Zortrax Full Metal Package 17-4 PH allows to print complex metal end-use parts, functional prototypes, elements requiring weather resistance, medical equipment, automotive parts, chemical pipes or valves, elements of tools or fixtures. The package contains:

  • a spool of BASF Ultrafuse® 17-4 PH (1000 g) metal filament,
  • a spool of BASF Ultrafuse® Support Layer (300 g) filament,
  • Magigoo® Pro Metal (50 ml) platform adhesive,
  • 1 hotend module,
  • 1 voucher for post-processing services at Elnik Systems GmbH
  • bubble wrap and a string bag for packing  "green parts" to be sent to the post-processing facility. 

Technical Properties

Test Method
Tensile strength
1004 MPa
145.62 ksi
ISO 6892-1
Yield strength
764 MPa
110.81 ksi
ISO 6892-1
Elongation at break
ISO 6892-1
Vickers hardness (HV10)
ISO 6507-1

NOTE! This package can only be sold, distributed and used within the EU countries and Albania, Chile, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Monaco, North Macedonia, Norway, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

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