BASF Ultrafuse® PPSU


BASF Ultrafuse® PPSU

BASF Ultrafuse® PPSU is a high-end polymer with outstanding thermal stability, inherent flame-retardant properties, and railway classification.

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  • Container: Spool
  • Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Net weight: 750 g ± 5%
  • Dedicated for:
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BASF Ultrafuse® PPSU is high-end polymer with outstanding thermal stability, good chemical resistance, including oils and solvents, and high mechanical strength. With its inherent flame-retardant properties, V0 rating according to UL 94 (@1.5mm and 3.0mm), it is especially suitable for the railway and aerospace industry. It also has railway classification according to EN 45545-2. 


  • Railway classification according to EN 45545-2
  • Suitable for autoclaving processes
  • Aerospace industry
  • All applications exposed to high temperatures

Main features:

  • Railroad certification EN 45545-2
  • Flame retardancy, V0 rating according to UL 94 
  • Resistance to oils, coolants, and fuels
  • Dimensional stability

Rules to follow when using BASF Ultrafuse® PPSU:

  • drying the filament with recommended conditions before each printing process
  • applying Magigoo HT adhesive onto the PEI platform before each printing process
  • storing the spool in a dehumidifier when it is not in use. 

Technical Properties

Test Method
Flame class rating
V0 @ 1.5 mm and 3.0 mm thickness
V0 @ 1.5 mm and 3.0 mm thickness
UL 94
Young’s Modulus
2221 MPa
322.1 ksi
ISO 527
Heat deflection temperature at 1.8 MPa
211 °C
411.8 °F
ISO 75-2

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