Inventure & DSS


Inventure & DSS

Zortrax Inventure + DSS Station Bundle

This bundle includes Zortrax Inventure with a pair of spool holders and DSS Station with 48% discount.

Zortrax Inventure features

  • Dual-extrusion
  • 3D prints high-temperature ABS-based filaments with PVA soluble support
  • Enclosed, heated printing chamber
  • Built-in HEPA filter

Zortrax DSS features

  • Removes water-soluble support structures
  • Easy to set up
  • Works with all PVA water-soluble filaments
  • No additional solvents needed

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3D printing with dual and single extrusion

The recently upgraded Zortrax Inventure supports both single and dual-extrusion modes. Single-extrusion works by printing both supports and the model with the same filament. In the dual-extrusion mode, the printer prints the model and water-soluble support structures out of separate materials.

External materials support

Nearly all filaments available on the market are fully supported. The Inventure is compatible with external and dedicated filaments available on standard spools and smart cartridges.

Heated printing chamber

Enclosed, heated printing chamber ensures the printing process is performed in a controlled environment. Warping of ABS-based materials is significantly reduced due to sustained, high temperatures in the chamber and optimal cooling rate.