BlueCast X5 Resin


BlueCast X5 Resin

Versatile castable resin

Castable resin for jewelry applications. Functional equivalent of wax. Leaves no ash residue during burnout. Recommended for standard jewelry items like medals, filigree jewelry or stone presettings.

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Castable resin for standard jewelry items

BlueCast X5 LCD/DLP is a versatile resin designed for investment casting in jewelry. It is a functional equivalent of wax used in the investment casting process. BlueCast X5 exhibits high dimensional accuracy and burnout properties with 0.00% ash residue. Sublimation starts from 130 C°.

The resin can lose color when exposed to UV light. It is completely normal and does not affect its specified properties.

Main Features:

  • Fast burnout at 850 C°
  • No post-curing
  • Non-toxic


  • Medals
  • Stones presetting
  • Filigree jewelry

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