BlueCast X10 Resin


BlueCast X10 Resin

Advanced castable resin

Castable, non-toxic jewelry resin. Works with all types of investments and guarantees clean burnout with no ash residue. Recommended for large jewelry due to smooth surfaces and high dimensional accuracy.

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Jewelry resin for large investment patterns

BlueCast X10 LCD/DLP is an advanced castable resin made for investment casting of relatively large items requiring significant amounts of metal like silver jewelry or customized tableware. Storing a pattern for 7 days causes a negligible 0.7 % shrinkage which is particularly useful in when patterns need to be made in advance. Does not require post-curing.

The resin can lose color when exposed to UV light. It is completely normal and does not affect its specified properties.

Main Features:

  • Compatible with all investments
  • Clean burnout with 0.00% ash residue
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • High surface quality


  • Large jewelry pieces
  • Filigree jewelry
  • Stones presetting
  • Chaton settings
  • Medals
  • Signets

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